Real Projects. Experiential Learning by “doing”

As part of Active Study, participants gets hands on solving real challenges and building solutions to real problems. Every participant can either BYOI (Bring Your Own Idea) or work on a problem identified by mentors and product industry execs in the community

Here are some of the ideas. Submit your own!

Product Labs : Live Projects being worked on
Product Labs : Shop Assist

Product Labs : Tappozz

Product Labs : Glee Coach

Product Labs : Samvaad

Product Labs : Tinkoo

Product Labs : Event Management at your finger tips. Kiran SundarSoftware EngineerCisco Systems Gokul K SMember Technical StaffNetApp Nima Nair, Biocon Bristol-Mye ...

Product Labs : Grenade

Grenade Grenade is Low cost pre-engineered hand held fire protection device self operated with clean agent suppressant to suppress the fire automatically. Rajagopala U.Global ...

Product Labs : Agilis

Agilis At Agilis we solve “real customer problems” in an “innovative way” Kumar RRIT Service Operations ManagerIntel Kiran KashikarProgram ManagerCGI Pugalenthi PTechn ...

Product Labs : Faith Food

Faith Food At Faith Food, we deliver calorie counted tasty and delicious meals, including breakfast, lunch, mid-day snacks and dinner. Based on your nutrition requirements ...

Product Labs : Dishdiscovery

Dishdiscovery A mobile based social gifting platform to gift food and drinks remotely to your friends and family. Ajit Talluri, ICPM Class of 2015-A Amit Jain, ICPM Cla ...

Product Labs : Bill In Here

Product Labs : Gift Me That

Gift Me That A social e-commerce platform that removes the age old disconnect between what the Gift receiver really wants vs what the gift giver actually gives, without ...

Product Labs : A Sociotechnical platform for Indian Mothers to communicate the problems/needs/eureka moments/solutions in bringing up a kid using social networks such as Faceb ...

Product Labs : Svastha

Svastha Integrated and health management solutions enables an entire diabetes support ecosystem to help manage life with diabetes better. Soumalya Sengupta, ICPM Class of Sum ...

Product Labs : Wish-a-Gifts

Wish-a-Gifts We propose to bring in a solution to the problem of today’s gifting issue which we believe can help both the invitee and the person inviting for an event ...

Product Labs : Gladminds

Gladminds Gladminds' simple vision is to simply life as we see it everyday. Its approach is to view the products and services from a customer's angle and in particular acr ...

Product Labs : CareNow

CareNow CareNow is an innovative wearable device which uses multiple technologies to send location information about the user at any given instance. Paramjeet Nagpal, ICPM C ...

Product Labs : GrapeVine

While word of mouth is the best way of marketing, we want to make it scalable by building a platform that allows reviewers and reviewee can interact across many verticals ...

Product Labs : RF BAG TRAC

Busy travellers want to remove anxiety and time wasted over delayed baggage, Airlines pay a lot for lost baggages, airport authorities want a smarter airport with technol ...

Product Labs : Gift Junction

Appreciating peers and employees at the right time with the right things is always a delight. We plan to make this delight an everyday process with organizations big an ...

Product Labs : Suvidha

Keeping history of personal medical records is always a big problem in India especially in a disorganized medical space. While bigger hospitals own the records, how can an in ...

Product Labs - MotherMade

ICPM Class of Fall 2013 voted to work on the challenge of building a marketplace of gourmet chefs who would like to offer their home made food to food lovers in the neighborhood. Think of it a ...

Product Labs : Soulmates

Searching for solumate - a next generation match making platform was one of the highest voted idea during the ICPM Class of Fall 2013 Initial Immersion. Do we really need a ...

Product Labs : Social Media Analytics

ICPM Class of Fall 2013 voted on 34 ideas and one that stood out was how can we have a "private social media platform" for a group or a corporate level collabo ... (Marketplace for home based chefs)

Product Labs : ProHeal

Cloud based Healthcare Solutions is focused on Connecting Doctors and Patients by automating routine tasks for the small and mid sized doctor clinics and portable electronic ...

Product Labs : iConnect

Plenty of engineers with degrees and yet not deployable. Industry Connect Portal aims to get internships for students as a real life experience bridge making them more indu ...

Product Labs : Idea Pipeline

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All Ideas submitted here will be treated as projects for academic purposes only. Institute and its participants might develop a product plan and a business plan around it as part of the program’s Experiential Learning process.

If you think your idea is a super secret and you have figured out which metals to rub together to create gold then posting that secret sauce here might not be a wise idea!

Besides ideas are plenty, the real IP is in its execution and applying the Productizing Process!


Sponsored Ideas come from real companies who have graciously agreed to have participants work on achieving specific objectives laid out by them so while they can get some meaningful output, it really gives participant a real life experience of working under a senior mentor from the industry solving a real challenge.

Selected participants will be assigned to a Sponsored Idea with an assigned mentor from the Institute.


Absolutely. We strongly recommend all participants to take on the idea and work on it with the same rigor as if it were their own startup. During the immersion if one decides to pursue the entrepreneurial route, all the more power to them!